5 good reasons to move to Mauritius

5 raisons de s'installer à Maurice
If you’re on the hunt for a dream destination to relocate, work, or invest, Mauritius should definitely be on your radar. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this tropical island ranks as a top choice for expatriates. Thanks to its rapid economic growth, high-quality living standards, and a rich, diverse culture, Mauritius presents a suite of opportunities for enjoying a comfortable and pleasant life in a highly secure and stable environment. Here are five compelling reasons why Mauritius should be your next home.

Whether you’re a student, working professional, retiree, or investor, Mauritius is the ideal destination for settling down. Boasting a year-round pleasant climate, a thriving international community, and a tax system that’s favorable for both businesses and real estate investments, you’re set to live in an absolute paradise.

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Quality of Life

One of the main reasons to settle in Mauritius is undoubtedly the exceptional quality of life the island offers. Indeed, residents enjoy a healthy and welcoming environment, complemented by modern infrastructure.

Pleasant Tropical Climate All Year Round

Mauritius is renowned for its pleasant tropical climate throughout the year. With average temperatures around 25°C (77°F) and sunny days, the island provides an idyllic setting for outdoor living. Residents can enjoy the beach, nature, and numerous other outdoor activities without the inconvenience of cold or rain.

Opportunities for Numerous Outdoor Activities

Beyond its idyllic climate, Mauritius also offers a wealth of outdoor activities. Whether you’re into water sports, hiking, or cultural explorations, there’s something for everyone. The island is also known for its natural parks, botanical gardens, and marine reserves, providing ample opportunities to explore local wildlife and flora.

Modern Infrastructure for Comfortable Living

Mauritius boasts modern infrastructure for a comfortable life. Residents have easy access to clean water, electricity, and other essential services. The island also has numerous state-of-the-art medical centers, as well as high-quality schools for children. Residents can enjoy many shopping complexes, local and international restaurants, and numerous amenities for a pleasant and comfortable life.

Economic Benefits

Mauritius is an ideal place for newcomers looking to expand their business or start a new venture. The island offers a favorable economic environment for investors and entrepreneurs.

Rapid Economic Development

Mauritius is experiencing rapid and continuous economic growth, offering numerous opportunities for businesses. From the expansion of the tourism industry to the rise of financial services, Mauritius presents a variety of sectors for investors and entrepreneurs.

Advantageous Taxation for Businesses

Mauritius offers a taxation system that is particularly beneficial for businesses, allowing entrepreneurs to retain a larger portion of their profits. Newcomers can take advantage of tax incentives to grow their business while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Opportunities to Grow Your Business in a Diverse Economy

The diverse economy of Mauritius offers numerous opportunities for newcomers. From tourism and agriculture to financial services and ICT, the island provides a stable platform for investors and entrepreneurs.

Rich and Diverse Culture

Mauritius is celebrated for its rich and diverse culture, reflecting the influences of various civilizations. This cultural diversity is evident in the island’s traditions, beliefs, and customs, creating a unique environment for newcomers.

Influences from India, Africa, and Europe

Mauritian culture is heavily influenced by India, Africa, and Europe, giving it a distinct cultural identity. Residents can experience this diversity in festivals, dances, music, and culinary traditions.

Celebration of Numerous Festivals and Traditions

Mauritius celebrates many festivals and traditions throughout the year, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the island’s cultural diversity. From Thaipoosam Cavadee in January to Deepavali in November, there’s always something to celebrate in Mauritius.

Opportunity to Discover New Culinary Flavors

Mauritian cuisine is a blend of Indian, African, and European flavors, offering a unique culinary experience. Delight in delicious dishes like dal puri, samosas, rougail saucisse, and chicken curry, while discovering new ingredients. Mauritian cuisine is a true delight for the taste buds.

Safety and Political Stability

Mauritius is a safe and stable destination, offering a peaceful and worry-free quality of life. The crime rate is very low, complemented by solid political stability. Newcomers can rest assured that their rights will be respected and laws applied fairly.

Strong International Community Presence

Mauritius hosts a significant international community, making it a welcoming and friendly place for newcomers. This presence provides numerous opportunities for socializing and networking, easing the transition for those settling in Mauritius.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Mauritius presents numerous real estate investment opportunities for both newcomers and visitors. With a growing property market and reasonable prices, Mauritius is an ideal place for real estate investment.

Opportunity to Purchase a Second Home

Newcomers can purchase a second home in Mauritius, offering a place for holidays and a source of rental income. Real estate prices in Mauritius are affordable, making it a premium choice for those seeking a second home.

Growing Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Mauritius is expanding, offering numerous opportunities for newcomers to invest. Property prices continue to rise in Mauritius, potentially yielding significant returns for investors.

Opportunity to Invest in Rental Properties

Newcomers can also invest in rental properties in Mauritius, providing a steady income source. With a strong tourism market, there are many opportunities for property owners to achieve a high return on investment in Mauritian rental properties. Mauritius offers a wealth of advantages for newcomers, including quality of life, diverse culture, economic benefits, safety and political stability, and real estate investment opportunities. With its pleasant year-round tropical climate, numerous outdoor activities, and modern infrastructure for comfortable living, it’s no surprise that many choose Mauritius as their new home. As an island rich in history and culture, Mauritius celebrates many festivals and traditions, offering the chance to discover new culinary flavors and learn about influences from India, Africa, and Europe. Additionally, the island’s rapid economic development, combined with advantageous business taxation, provides ample opportunities for newcomers to grow their business in a diverse economy. Finally, the safety and political stability in Mauritius are noteworthy, with a low crime rate and a respected rule of law. The strong presence of the international community also adds an extra layer of security for newcomers.


If you’re considering taking the big leap and settling in Mauritius, know that you’re making a wise choice! Whether you’re in search of a second home, rental investment opportunities, or simply a new adventure, Mauritius has it all. With the assistance of experts like Romuald Rousseaux and his team, turning your dream of real estate investment in Mauritius into reality is within reach. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Mauritian world and discover all that this paradise island has to offer!

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