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Find all the news on Mauritius thanks to our blog. We will present you the latest news as well as our advice on Mauritian taxation : access to residence for a foreigner, evolution of international agreements, modalities for investing in real estate in Mauritius, etc.

Also discover what makes Mauritius an exceptional country for any foreigner wishing to invest abroad. We will tell you about this little paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, through our articles “ Lifestyle and tourism “: sports activities (golf, diving, kite, etc.), places to visit, conditions sanitary facilities, etc.

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Bien d'exception vue mer à l'Ile Maurice

Hotel or villa for a stay in Mauritius?

In recent years, a category of travelers increasingly demanding regarding the conditions of their stay has emerged.Hotels—faced with the changing habits of their clientele—are trying to adjust their services in line with demands that are more focused on well-being and intimacy. Mauritius is no exception to the rule, for it

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How to obtain your Mauritian residence permit? What advantages are available to foreigners investing in Mauritius ?

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