In recent years, a category of travelers increasingly demanding regarding the conditions of their stay has emerged.Hotels—faced with the changing habits of their clientele—are trying to adjust their services in line with demands that are more focused on well-being and intimacy. Mauritius is no exception to the rule, for it is a popular destination, namely for sun-seeking tourists. In this article, we take a closer look at the advantages of choosing a high-end hotelor a luxury villa for your stay in Mauritius.


A luxurious setting in a 5-star hotel, a tempting offer


Various types of holiday accommodation and hotel networks have developed in Mauritius due to the growing popularity of this secret paradise as a top destination. You will find on the island modest accommodation and surprising hotels up to 6 stars depending on your budget and needs.   

For a tailor-made stay, you can stand out from the crowd by favouring top-of-the-range service offers. Hotel chains and key international hotels are on the island, including Constance Belle Mare, Trou aux Biches Beachcomber, and Le Paradis le Morne.

The hotel industry in Mauritius has become more professional over the years, with expanded services and highly qualified and friendly staff. Mauritian luxury hotels are known for their high standards that delight discerning travellers, focusing on comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. 

In a luxurious and exclusive setting, facilities are modern and well-equipped. As for security, there is unique access to the rooms with personalized cards. There is also a safe for storing valuables.


Is renting a luxury villa a better idea?


While staying in a prestigious hotel is the perfect option for a comfortable stay in Mauritius, choosing to rent a villa will offer you a more intimate holiday. Those who wish to avoid the general crowding of hotels with expensive menus and facilities full of tourists would say it is the best solution. 

Contrary to popular belief, hotel rates are not necessarily more affordable than those of luxury villas. The main advantage of this type of rental is the flexibility it provides for people traveling in groups and families. The pleasure of staying in an outstanding villa where amenities and mobility can be adjusted to suit the occupants is something few hotels can match. You can travel at your own pace, with more freedom, space, and serenity.   

In your private garden, you will be able to relax without a crowd invading your personal space. And with a fully equipped kitchen and private pool, you will save considerably on food and activity costs. However, if you wish, you can call on the talents of a local chef to customize your menus to your liking. 

To benefit from one of the best accommodations in Mauritius, contact our agency Romuald Rousseaux Real Estate. With our help, you will enjoy your holidays to the full, staying in a luxury villa or a superb penthouse. Well-installed on the island, you will enjoy the spectacular view of luxuriant nature in fully secured areas. 

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or in a group, we will make sure to find the best accommodation for you in Mauritius. A memorable holiday of well-being and privacy awaits you with us. Contact us so we can help you work out the details of your stay. 

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