Investing in Mauritius: how and why?

Investing in Mauritius means taking advantage of tax opportunities and attractive valuations in a secureand idyllic environment.
High-end real estate in Mauritius is an excellent choice for a quick return on your investment and to develop your wealth.

We offer a tailor-made service to guide you towards the best choice of investment in a new build development, in a property already built or in a property for resale, under the PDS, IRS or RES schemes.

Find out why and how to invest in Mauritius, as well as all the advantages you will enjoy with your residence permit.

Access to PDS, IRS or RES property purchase

Achat d'une villa à L'Ile Maurice, agent immobilier

To invest in real estate in Mauritius, a foreign national will have to turn to the specific schemes set up by the government (PDS, RES or IRS projects).

These schemes allow investors to purchase their freehold property in built or to be built complexes.

The Property Development Scheme combines the former RES and IRS schemes. For the purchase of a PDS property in Mauritius of more than $375,000, it allows the purchaser, his/her spouse and any dependent, to benefit from the residence permit.

Tax in Mauritius

Conseils fiscaux pour vos investissement à l'Ile Maurice

Mauritius has signed double taxation agreements with several countries, allowing foreigners and companies domiciled in their countries to pay tax in Mauritius on their Mauritian income.

– No exchange control,,
– Free flow of money,
– No tax on dividends,
– No taxes on capital gains,
– No tax on wealth,
– No inheritance tax for direct descendants,
Repatriating profits and dividends without any restrictions,
– Tax rate of 15% for IR, IS and VAT.

Retirement in Mauritius

Vivre à l'Ile Maurice en tant que retraités
Mauritius is unanimously recognised as one of the ideal destinations to enjoy your retirement. In addition to its mild climate, safety, air access and good health care system, Mauritius has also created a legal framework for people over 50 to reside.

With the exception of the Allocation de Solidarité aux Personnes Agées (ASPA), the beneficiary of a French personal retirement pension or reversionary pension may receive it regardless of his or her country of residence.

The only condition for payment is to provide once a year a certificate of life or existenceto be completed by the competent authority of the country of residence in terms of civil status.

Rental investment in Mauritius

Agent immobilier spécialiste en bien de prestige à Maurice

The rental market in Mauritius has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. The sale-rental phenomenon is growing in the case of luxury residences, with owners with a second home renting them out for part of the year.

An investment in real estate in Mauritius is therefore an advantageous option. It helps to generate additional income. With the right advice, it is easy to make a quick and efficient return on your investment, especially considering the Mauritian tax system

Which area of Mauritius is right for you ?

Thanks to our knowledge of the Mauritian real estate market, we have summarised for you the characteristics and assets of the 4 main sectors that make up this paradise island, as well as their interest according to your profile and your purchasing objectives:

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