Living in Mauritius

In recent years, many people choose to expatriate to Mauritius. A pleasant living environment, accessible home services, a welcoming population and favorable conditions for real estate investment are major assets. Our experts share with you their best advice to prepare your expatriation and your future life in Mauritius.

Quoi manger à l'île Maurice ?

The gastronomy in Mauritius

Mauritius is the crucible of a rich and varied gastronomy, the result of a harmonious blend of...
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Comment trouver un travail à l'île Maurice ?

How to find a job in mauritius ?

Whether you're considering relocating to Mauritius for a new career opportunity or for investment...
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Cout de l'a vie ile maurice

What is the cost of living in Mauritius?

Mauritius, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, is often seen as a dream destination for vacationers,...
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Dans quelles villes s'installer à l'ile Maurice ?

Where is the best place to live in Mauritius?

Mauritius, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, offers a multitude of regions where life is good. Each...
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How do I obtain a visa for Mauritius?

Do you dream of fine sand, tropical landscapes and a peaceful life under the sun? Mauritius, with...
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L’Aventure du Sucre: an experience not to be missed in Mauritius

L'Aventure du Sucre: an experience not to be missed in Mauritius In the North of Mauritius, in...
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Parcours de golf à l'ile Maurice

Golf : the most beautiful courses in Mauritius

A True Golfer's Paradise, Mauritius has always been renowned for the beauty of its golf courses....
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faire l'acquisition d'un bien à Maurice

Buying a property in Mauritius

Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean, is a prime destination for foreigners seeking real estate...
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s'installer à Maurice - choisir sa région

Which region to choose in Mauritius ?

Mauritius is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. This tropical island...
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Vivre retraite ile maurice

Retirement in Mauritius

Retire in Mauritius!Picture yourself spending your days in a paradise-like setting, surrounded by...
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5 raisons de s'installer à Maurice

5 good reasons to move to Mauritius

If you're on the hunt for a dream destination to relocate, work, or invest, Mauritius should...
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