Retirement in Mauritius: where to settle?

Retirement in Mauritius: where to settle? 

Mauritius is a destination that always keeps us dreaming. This island country in the Indian Ocean offers seniors from all over the world the most peaceful and gentle environment to enjoy their retirement. But how to find your go-to city? Romuald Rousseaux Real Estate shares with you in this article its list of the best places to spend happy days in Mauritius.


Off the beaten track in Albion


Each region has its charm. The West of Mauritius, for its part, has a beautiful surprise in store for you: the fishing village of Albion. If you want to get away from the stress and pollution of the city, you will have everything to gain by staying in this peaceful place. 

During the weekdays, this haven of tranquillity will amaze you with its pleasant atmosphere. Its public beach has preserved its authenticity, offering you a superb landscape mixing wooden pirogues and filaos.   

Easily accessible to the rest of the island, Albion is a place out of time that conquers more and more retirees. You will find mini-markets, restaurants, and shops. However, there is no shopping centre yet, but it will be soon!


In a peaceful setting at Cap Malheureux


Still in this calm and restful atmosphere, let us go to the north of Mauritius, to the small village of Cap Malheureux. This place, best known for its red-roofed church, owes its name to the numerous shipwrecks on its shores. You will particularly appreciate its picturesque landscape with a postcard look.   

It will take 10 to 15 minutes to reach shops and restaurants as you move away from the centre. Every Sunday, however, this historical place comes alive to receive the faithful who come to hear Mass. There are street vendors who sell fruit, local products, and pareos.

In the “Capital of the North” at Grand Baie


Grand Baie is the best place if you want to stay close to everything. In this renowned seaside resort, you will discover the charm, traditions, and cultural richness that build up Mauritius’s reputation. 

Party is a rule of thumb. In Grand Baie, you will find modern shopping malls and global brand shops. The surrounding area also offers a wide range of fashion boutiques, hotels, and restaurants. On the north coast, it is the liveliest village at night, with its casino, pubs, bars, and clubs.


Retirement in Mauritius


The minimum age to be considered a retired resident in Mauritius is 50 years for foreigners (60 years for Mauritians). You may also need to make an initial transfer of at least USD 1,500 (or the equivalent in foreign currency) to your local bank account in Mauritius at the time of application.   

Under a Property Development Scheme (PDS), you can obtain a permanent residence permit and enjoy your retirement in Mauritius by acquiring a property worth more than USD 375,000 


So, entrust us with your real estate projects to make the most of your old age on this paradisiacal island. Romuald Rousseaux Real Estate is a real estate agency specializing in prestigious properties in Mauritius for over 20 years. We offer luxury properties that meet your requirements. 

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