What mobile plan for Mauritius?

Internet Providers in Mauritius and Their History

Mauritius, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, not only boasts breathtaking landscapes but also shines with its dynamic telecom ecosystem. At the heart of this vibrancy, Mauritius Telecom, Emtel, and MyT Mobile stand out as the main operators, weaving the fabric of a constantly evolving market. Mauritius Telecom, formerly known as Mauritius Telecommunication Services, was established in 1988. Renamed and invigorated by a strategic partnership with France Télécom (now Orange) in 2000, this operator has been a pioneer, notably in the deployment of fiber optics across the island. Emtel made history by becoming the first mobile phone operator in the Southern Hemisphere in 1989. As an innovator, it introduced Airbox in 2015, providing unlimited Internet access via a 4G Wi-Fi box to its users. These companies have not only revolutionized Internet access and telephony on the island; they have also created an unbreakable link between Mauritians and the vast digital world. By delving into their history, one better understands the extent of their impact on daily life in Mauritius, a true testament to global technological evolution.

Scenarios – Traveler or Expat

Whether you are a traveler passing through or an expat settling down in Mauritius, the question of the right mobile plan arises acutely. (Tip: Disable your mobile data before departing to avoid roaming charges.)

For a Short Stay

Tourists will benefit from Tourist packs from EMTEL (to be pre-ordered) and Tourist SIM from MY.T, offering 200 GB of Internet and local calls for around €15, valid for 30 days. An economical and practical option for a short getaway.

For Those Planning a Longer Stay or Moving Permanently

Purchasing a local SIM card proves to be the most sensible solution. Rechargeable plans from the same operators adjust to all needs, with validities ranging from one day to 90 days. Top-ups can be easily done online, in stores, or at authorized retailers. Opting for an eSIM could also be advantageous, offering flexibility and simplicity from the moment you land.

Using a French SIM Card – The Costs

Using a French SIM card in Mauritius might seem convenient, preserving a number known to everyone. However, this convenience comes with its share of roaming costs, which, as you will see, can quickly skyrocket.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage lies in the continuity of service, allowing you to receive calls and messages without changing your number. However, the financial disadvantages are significant: the roaming rates charged by French operators for calls, SMS, and especially internet data, can be exorbitant.

Cost Breakdown

For internet data, costs can reach up to €13.31 per MB, turning a simple email check into a considerable expense. Outgoing calls can be charged up to €2.90 per minute, and even receiving calls is billed, often around €1.40 per minute. Sent SMS are not spared, with prices around €0.28 per message. Given these costs, it is wise to weigh the pros and cons before choosing to travel with a French SIM card.

Using a Local SIM Card – The Costs

Opting for a local SIM card during your stay in Mauritius presents a major advantage: controlling your telecom expenses. Not only does it allow you to benefit from advantageous local rates for calls, SMS, and Internet access, but it also spares you the prohibitive costs of roaming.

Comparison of Offers and Rates

EMTEL and MY.T offer flexible recharge options that adapt to your actual usage. Whether you need data for a few days or a month, the plans vary, providing complete freedom. The rates for 30-day recharges are around €15 for both operators, a modest sum to stay connected on this paradisiacal island.

Using eSIM Services – The Costs

The advent of the eSIM, or electronic SIM, marks a revolution in how we connect worldwide.

Functioning like a traditional SIM but integrated directly into your device, the eSIM eliminates the physical need for a SIM card, thus simplifying the subscription to mobile plans abroad.

Advantages and Usage in Mauritius

Using an eSIM in Mauritius offers significant advantages, including easy activation and the flexibility to switch operators without physically changing the SIM. For travelers, this means being able to access an advantageous unlimited plan in Mauritius right upon arrival, without the need to visit a store.

To activate an eSIM, you typically just need to scan a QR code provided by the operator, making the process instant and straightforward. (Ensure that your phone is compatible with eSIM technology beforehand.)

Comparison and Recommendation

  • French SIM: Convenient for short stays without changing your number, but expensive in terms of roaming and data charges.
  • Local SIM: Economical for all types of stays, offering advantageous local rates for calls and mobile internet.
  • eSIM: The most flexible solution, allowing easy subscription to local plans without changing SIM cards, ideal for connected travelers.


For those on a short visit, favor the eSIM for its easy activation and flexibility. If your stay is extended or you plan to have intensive data usage, opting for a local SIM is likely the wisest decision, offering better control over your expenses while staying reliably connected.

Expatriates or long-term visitors will find a local SIM to be the ideal solution, combining economy and efficiency, with the ability to adapt their plan according to their evolving needs.

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