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Black river
  • 920.000€
  • Beds: 3
  • ID: 6583837
  • 271 m²
  • villas, villas
16 hours ago


  • 725.000€
  • Beds: 2
  • ID: 7163442
  • 129 m²
  • apartments
2 days ago


Black Rocks
  • 1.735.000€
  • Beds: 4
  • ID: 6060155
  • 311 m²
  • villas, villas
2 days ago


Lafayette station
  • 1.250.000€
  • Beds: 4
  • ID: 6011455
  • 210 m²
  • apartments, apartments
2 days ago


  • 2.000.000€
  • Beds: 3
  • ID: 5532464
  • 232 m²
  • apartments, apartments
2 days ago


Black river
  • 1.325.000€
  • Beds: 3
  • ID: 5532474
  • 240 m²
  • apartments, apartments
2 days ago

Consulting firm specialising in real estate investment and wealth management in Mauritius

Find your prestigious property and get your residence permit from 375.000$

Tailor-made support for your property project

Property search 
Wealth management

Villa ile maurice residence pieds dans l eau

Luxury villa, prestigious flat or top-of-the-range new development

I will select for you the best properties according to your expectations and criteria, thanks to my network and my extensive knowledge of Mauritius. “

Tax advice
Legal assistance

“Developing your property portfolio, obtaining your residence permit

I will help you at every stage of your investment project in Mauritius, in the design and optimization of your tax and legal plan, according to the latest laws. “

Administrative tasks
Welcome management

“Sports activities (golf, diving, kitesurfing, etc.), shopping, education, health…

I will advise you on all your lifestyle and administrative requirements and needs, so that you can fully enjoy your investment with your loved ones. “

Rent a property
Rental management

Do you dream of settling in Mauritius or do you want to come for a vacation?

Our team will find for you the rental property adapted to your criteria, for short or long term. Visits, negotiations, inventory of fixtures, etc. We will accompany you throughout your rental project in Mauritius.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Among the top destinations for luxury tourism

Luxury hotels, golf courses, heavenly beaches, etc. Mauritius is a nugget in the heart of the Indian Ocean served by daily flights from Paris, Dubai, South Africa, London or Luxembourg.

Flexible and attractive taxation

Mauritius has enjoyed economic, political and social stability for over 30 years. It has developed a number of tax incentives: a single tax bracket capped at 15%, a double taxation treaty between France and Mauritius, etc.

A residence permit from 375.000$ invested in a property

By investing in a property belonging to the Property Development Scheme (PDS), you can benefit from the tax advantages of Mauritius: no wealth tax, no capital gains tax in case of resale of the property, A residence permit from 375.000$ invested in a property no council tax, no CSG/CRDS.

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Real estate agency and consulting firm, in Mauritius

Thanks to the Romuald Rousseaux Real Estate team, you will benefit of our expertise and support for all your real estate investment projects in Mauritius.

Specialists in the sale of prestigious properties, we offer exclusive services adapted to your expectations: real estate research, asset management, tax optimization, assistance in obtaining a residence permit, etc.
Do you want to buy a villa, a house, a penthouse, an apartment or even a land plot in Mauritius?

Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of the local market, we will select for you personalized goods, on resale or attached to a new real estate program.
Real estate agency and consulting firm: premium services and luxury selection for your projects in Mauritius.

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