L’Aventure du Sucre: an experience not to be missed in Mauritius

L’Aventure du Sucre: an experience not to be missed in Mauritius

In the North of Mauritius, in Pamplemousse, nestles the Aventure du Sucre. It is located on the former sugar factory of Beau Plan just near the Botanical Garden. The former factory was founded in 1797 and continued to operate until 1999. Later, it was transformed into a modern museum that offers a moment of playful discovery to its visitors. Want to know more about the Sugar Adventure? Romuald Rousseaux Mauritius Properties tells you everything in this article.

Discovering a modern ecomuseum

L’Aventure du Sucre is considered as a tribute to Mauritian heritage. The site where it is established covers nearly 6,000 m2 and includes two other autonomous entities outside the completely renovated factory: the restaurant Le Faragouin and the Boutik village.
Visiting this eco-museum will immerse you in the process of making sugar. At the same time, you can discover the history of the Mauritian people and their contribution to the development of the island’s sugar industry.
The museum is divided into several sections – 13 in total – three of which are numbered in letters (A, B and C). However, the visit takes place in the heart of two large rooms divided into several spaces. As soon as you enter, giant screens welcome you in an atmosphere of mystery. You will also be enveloped by fragrant scents and a multitude of colors that alone evoke the exoticism of the place.

A fun and enriching visit

The interactive tour inside Sugar Adventure lasts an average of one hour and thirty minutes. You will discover an old factory chimney, cooking appliances, mixers as well as giant mills that were once used as grinders.
On the walls, you will find carefully documented explanations that will transport you through history. Signs with the inscription “The Lesson” will also share with you a summary of each section if you wish to make a short, but still rewarding visit.
For your children, two of the museum’s mascots – Floryse the mongoose and Raj the martin – provide entertaining accompaniment. They will tell them stories and then invite them to answer questions in the form of quizzes to entertain them. Rewards are offered to those who give the correct answers.

More than just an expedition

After exploring the Sugar Adventure, you will be offered a tasting session of the 12 varieties of sugar made locally. As you enjoy a variety of flavors, you’ll discover that not all carbohydrates are the same. The children will also be delighted to try out homemade sweets with impeccable taste.
In the Sugar Adventure, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy other derivative products. There are, among others, the local rum, jams, honeys and fangaroo. The latter is a delicious juice made from sugar cane, a typical drink of the island that is very rare today. All these products can be purchased in the museum store and represent exceptional souvenirs to mark your visit to Mauritius.

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